Slam Balls…Get REKT.

Two days in a row!  Went and worked out on Wednesday (9/14)  (Turns out waking up early makes you want to go to bed and sleep at a decent hour.  Biggest struggle I have right now is not wanting to eat everything in sight as my body gets used to working out.  Class in the mornings are really small, both classes so far have been three people (including me).

Turkish Get Up (5×3 each arm) Weighted shoulder rolls 15# kettle bells
Pistols (5×3 each leg) Focused on skill, one legged squats, foot behind ankle

Paused Front Squat (6×3) 75#
*3sec at the bottom

Metcon – 2+161
3 Rounds
60 Double Unders 120 Single Unders
40 Slamballs 40/30  20#
20 Front Rack Lunges 95/65 – 15#
*Alternating legs for lunges
**15min Cap

Obviously, TGUs weren’t going to work for me both from the balancing arm or the arm pushing the weight up. Focused on mobility for that one.  I liked the modification for the pistols, really great practice balancing a squat on one leg.

I *thought* I was going “light” for the squats because I was about to travel – but turns out 75# gets pretty heavy when doing that three second squat at the bottom.  Squats were tough, but were a ton of fun.  I heart squats so much.

The metcon was, in a word…terrible.  I thought that the walking lunges (albeit a very low barbell weight) were going to be the worst part – turns out picking up and slamming down a 20# slamball over and over again sucks.  EXHAUSTING.  I did single unders, have never used a speed rope before (that’s all they had) and couldn’t get my rhythm for double unders with them. I think I also had too short of a rope, so need to figure that one out.


Left for the rest of the week for business travel and a visit up to Boston.  Not feeling particularly well, but hoping to make it to class tomorrow morning.

Good Morning

Evening classes are not conducive to working out for me.  There are so many things that I would rather do or have to do that enable me to avoid working out. I used to be a hard-core 6:30AM 4x / week (at least) crossfitter.  I needed to have a conversation with myself about starting that back up again.  This means going to bed early, not watching television (while in bed) until all hours of the night (my Switched at Birth marathoning will have to wait…) Woke-up at 5:55am this morning – I spent a good 10 minutes laying there, justifying why I didn’t need to go to the 6:30AM class.  Here are a few of my excuses:

  1. Mable (my cat) wants some extra cuddle time.  I’m not home all the time, and she deserves it.
  2. I’m traveling at the end of the week.  This will ruin my routine – I should just wait until I get back next week to start up.
  3. Today will be a long day at work.  I need the extra rest.
  4. My bed is so comfortable.
  5. Did I mention that Mable wanted to hang out with me?
  6. My ankle hurts.
  7. Good Morning America is about to start and I love Robin Roberts.

Turns out Mable was in the other room not wanting to hang out with me and all the other shit was just noise. I dragged myself out of bed and headed out to workout. Warm up, we did inch worms and my shoulder was bugging me a bit on the half-way push-ups – so needed to modify for Metcon part of the workout.

Small class, Wes (one of the owners) was coaching.  Workout below:

Snatch High Pull + Snatch (1RM) Snatch Pull Off the Ground – 35#
*high pull to chest
*quick reset after high pull
10min to find max skill work 

Bench Press (6×3) – 45#

Metcon – Score 108
15min AMRAP Ladder
10 Ring Push Ups Wall push-ups
10 Deadlifts – 65#
100m Run
12 Ring Push Ups Wall push-ups
12 Deadlifts – 65#
200m Run
14 Ring Push Ups Wall push-ups
14 Deadlifts – 65#
300m Run

*Starting at 10 add 2 reps after every run
*Add 100m to every run
*100m = 1rep

Snatch pulls felt good.  Need to engage the hips a bit more. Barbell work means scuffed up legs again.  Good look, right? I think I’ll go a bit heavier next time.  As a policy to keep me from going too crazy with the OLY lifts, I’m limiting myself to the 15# bar for the first month or so while I ease back into it.


Wasn’t sure how much to go on for the bench press.  45# seemed heavy enough, again, didn’t want to push it.  The Metcon was modified due to the shoulder stuff, but was a great workout.  The run part was … well … me running – so blargh.  Ended up with 108 reps (finished my run just as time ran out on my 18 rep ladder). I forgot how much you engage your hammies and core for deadlifts and your core for the push-ups (even on the wall).  Definitely trying to sit with good posture today as slumping will make for a very unhappy girl tomorrow. Other than being sore from the workout, really glad that I worked out.  I forgot how much a morning workout can set the tone for the day.

Georgia Peach

Meow & greetings friends.  Those of you who still follow this blog know that it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog.  The hope is that I start updating it fairly regularly.  It’s been a crazy 8 months and for those of you that missed me, here’s what’s what.  List form is what’s easiest, so that’s what you’ll get!

  1. I stopped my consulting gig at Electronic Sports League in Burbank, CA and therefore stopped working out at Angelino Crossfit.  If you live in the Valley Village area, great community and coaches – highly recommend you check it out.
  2. I took at full-time job as Turner Sports General Manager of ELEAGUE and VP, eSports
  3. I moved to Atlanta, GA for said job.
  4. Niko (husband) and I are doing the long-distance thing for awhile – hard to be away from him for long periods of time – but technology (FaceTime) makes things a ton easier. We have a house in the suburbs and an apartment in the city like any modern couple.
  5. Moving Feynman, Lily, or Hobo (the gatos) would be disruptive to them, so they are living in our Boston-area home with Niko.  I miss them.
  6. Niko is far better and awesome-er at Crossfit than I ever was.  He’s still a member at Crossfit Craic.
  7. I am WOEFULLY out of shape. I had shoulder surgery over a year ago and have essentially zero upper body strength.
  8. I joined Crossfit Peachtree, which is right down the street from me in Atlanta
  9. I have a cat roommate that I adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society and her name is Mable.
  10. I turn 40 next year and my goal is to be in the best shape of my life by the time that date comes around.

As always, this blog will be filled with a heavy dose of crossfit / workout udpates, cat related topics, and other life sundries here and there.  Hope you enjoy.  Next post will be about my first two workouts at Crossfit Peachtree.



Fits and Starts


View from my balcony – Atlanta, GA

Walked from my apartment to the farmer’s market one Saturday morning, and saw a sign for Crossfit Peachtree on my way home.  For some reason this triggered me to want to know more and get back into Crossfit.  I emailed them, set-up a time for me to go to a class, and went to a 7:30PM class.

For those of you who know me and have followed this blog – you know that my least favorite activity in Crossfit is running.  I’m slow, my ankles are shitty, etc. Since I couldn’t access the gym Wodify because I’m not a member, I couldn’t see the workout (which is probably a good thing).  I showed up, walked down the stairs to the gym, and what do I see – lots of people outside running.  A RUNNING WOD.  I’m actually proud of myself that I didn’t turn around and go back to my car and drive home.

Walked in, met the coach. I’m usually good with names, but I’m a scrub and forgot the coach’s name that evening.  Really nice dude,  tho.  I introduced myself to my fellow classmates and off we went.

Warm-up was a workout in itself.  I was sweating and breathing heavy just from the warm-up – which was a key indicator that I’m super out of shape.  As I’ve documented about my of my shoulder issues, I usually have to modify workouts.  I’m a pro at it 🙂 You’ll see modifications in PINK and my weights / times in BLUE. Workouts at CF Peachtree, post warm-up and generally broken into three separate sections:

12min to Find Max worked on form
2 4 Hi Hang Cleans + 2 Power Jerks 45#

Arnold press dumbell bench press 10×5 10#
Weighted Pullup Ring Rows 10×5

Metcon (Time)
2×400 M Sprint Rest 1:1 2:35, 2:36
5×200 M Sprint Rest 1:1 1:10, 1:13, 1:11, 1:16, 1:14

I won’t lie.  It was REALLY, REALLY nice to get my hands on a barbell again.  After conferring with my PT who said no S2O, I knew how to modify.  Cleans felt good, need to lean back a bit more on my heels – but I’ll get there.  Stayed light, which kind of killed me on the inside – but overall I knew it was within my best interest to keep the weights light as I ease back in.  Need to avoid injury.  The strength training felt good.  Metcon sucked, as expected – but I was pleased that I kept my times fairly consistent.

Sunday Runday

Back in Los Angeles and after a hectic week, found out that Angelino had Sunday classes.  I had a brunch scheduled for later in the day, but wanted to make the class.  I had no excuse as to why I shouldn’t workout other than pure laziness and fear of what looked like a very hard workout – so I went.  I definitely need to get into a routine.

View of the gym and my first time working out in my Nike Metcons

View of the gym and my first time working out in my Nike Metcons

We started with a 700m run and for the last 200m we sprinted.  Then, as we all wandered back into the box, Karlos presented us with a small box filled with folded pieces of paper.  Once everyone was back from the warm up, we were informed that we were doing 2 tabatas prior to the workout using the 8 movements that we picked (4 per tabata).  I can’t quite remember all of the ones we did, but man, tabatas are terrible 🙂

Then we went into the workout, which was called Cerebrus.  I modified the crap out of this one:

3 Rounds for Time:

300m Run12x Single Arm KB Press (Rx 40+/30+) 10# bicep curls (6 per arm)
15x Box Jumps (Rx 24+/20+) step-ups
12x KB Swings 24#
10x Goblet Squats 10#
300m Run
6x Strict Pull-Ups ring rows
12x Knees-to-Elbow did these on the ground
15x Hand Release Push-Ups wall push-ups
5x Wall Balls (Rx 20/14) 10#

Final time: 26:10

This one was tough, but I got to break in my brand new Nike Metcons.  Short review: Awesome.  Better for varied workouts than the Nanos.    The runs felt really slow (and were actually slow) for me.  I am also having a hard time figuring out what weights to do.  I can’t tell if I’m choosing lower weights because I’m scared of not being able to do the workout (failing) or if I’m choosing them because (and this is what I tell myself) I want to ease back into Crossfit and not go to heavy too fast and injure myself all over again.  Most likely, it’s a combination of them both – but it’s something that I know that I’ll be constantly evaluating as I venture forth back into Crossfit.  Stay tuned, friends.

Crazy Craic Fitter

Got the opportunity to take a trip home to see Niko and the kitties, so I wanted to try to get at least one Crossfit workout in at Craic.  It’s always fun to go to a workout with Niko as well.  Was a nice to get my sweat on at my gym, and especially nice because the workout was back squats.

Workout was fairly straight forward:

3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1 (70% – 75% – 80% – 75% – 80% – 85%)

I got to take my first class with Coach Munch – and he’s a great coach.  I also worked out with Megan and started out doing the weights that she did, but wanted to bump it up a bit more (not a ton) for the last 3 – 2 – 1.  The most exciting part of the workout was that I was able to get into the back squat position for the first time in over a year.  It definitely stretched my shoulder a bit, but not in a bad way – just in a way where I know I need to work on my mobility. The most frustrating part of the workout was that I wanted to do more weight, but opted on being smart – so I talked to Coach Marc about what weight to work to.  He suggested that I do no more than 135#.  So I did the following rep scheme:

95# – 105# – 125# – 115# – 125# – 135#

Overall had no issues with the squats and was just happy to be back squatting again.  After the back squats, we all did an AMRAP:

10- Push Press 115/75 Ring Rows
200m Run
30- DUs Single Unders

Attention to all my readers – has anyone seen my double unders?  I seemingly have lost them completely and it’s super frustrating.  Overall AMRAP was a good quick burner – due to all the running I did this summer – the 200m run was super easy.  I’ll leave you all with these pictures from my visit home!



Like, so Crossfit

I recently (and right now, temporarily) have moved to Valley Village, CA  (I’m, like, totally living in the Valley.  Like, so awesome, you know?) to consult with ESL North America for an extended period of time.   They do the eSports and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.   I get to work in eSports and work with a lot of people that I respect and love working with.  If you don’t know what eSports are or don’t understand why I chose to work with this company, check this out:

Back here, I needed to get into a workout routine and running was not cutting it.  I spent all summer running and getting my stamina up, only to waste it all when I started working again (I recently spent the summer FUNemployed). – it because hard to get up in the morning and workout.

I looked up some recent Crossfit gyms in the area and stumbled across Angelino Crossfit.  It’s about .7 miles from where I live and I thought I’d give it a try.  The manager of the gym, Karlos, emailed me back right away and I immediately felt at ease when I was in communication with him.

Definitely nervous starting up Crossfit again, but emailed my awesome PT back in MA and he told me what I could and couldn’t do.  Range of motion and maintaining ROM was key. No overhead squats, no shoulder to overhead, no snatches.  Otherwise, things were okay – other than cleans which I can do if there is no pain whilst doing them.

I’m going to use this blog to log my workouts and also share how I’m modifying them in order to potentially help other Crossfitters that are coming back from a long hiatus and/or shoulder injury and want to ease their way back in.  This isn’t a guide or anything, just sharing my recovery and road back into Crossfit with you guys.  I’ll also be posting some goings on while I’m in Los Angeles and of course, any cat updates that I might have. For all workouts, I’ll post my scores and weights in this color and post my modifications in this color.

(* I am trying to figure out this stupid formatting/font issue below and the way it looks bothers me a ton, but I’m tired of trying to fix it *)

Front Squat – 3×7 @ 75#

200m Farmer’s Carry with 15# dumbbells between rounds

** And then…**

Lucky #7 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

7 Minute AMRAP

3 7 Deadlift (Rx 135/95) – 75#

4 Hang Power Clean

5 Jerks Ring Rows

6 Wall Balls (Rx 20/14) – 10#

21 Double-Unders (Scale 63 Singles)


2 Minute Rest

Then repeat AMRAP:

Complete a total of 3 rounds of above AMRAP and then

Cash-Out: 700m Run

It took me a full hour to recover from the workout.  What a way back into Crossfit.  Is it weird that I loved how I felt afterwards?  It was a mixture of terrible and awesome all at the same time.   It was all the things I remember loving about Crossfit from the get-go.  As a side note, I am probably always going to go low weight when cycling deadlifts in a workout.  If I’m being completely honest, I think cycling fast deadlifts is not the smartest thing to program in a workout.  Way too many people end up getting injured doing them.

Crossfit, Cycling, and Cats

On Friday, I took a mental health day off from work and went to the Northeast Crossfit Regionals with my gal, Leila.  Crossfit Florian made it as a team into the competition and I was stoked to see some people that I know personally compete.  They are rocking this weekend…so happy for them!  I was supposed to judge this year, but had to withdraw because of my shoulder issues.  It worked out, as I got to spend some time with pals in vendor village and enjoy watching Florian compete 🙂


Florian representing day 1

Florian representing day 1


Epic set-up!

Epic set-up!


My pal Willl representing Infinite Crisis at Regionals #goHAM

My pal Willl representing Infinite Crisis at Regionals #goHAM

Went to my friend Nick’s house for a board game night with friends, dinner, and some drinks. He currently lives with his aunt and uncle and they have three cats.  It made game night all the more fun! I learned four new board games and can’t wait for next time. Of course, I have pics of all the cats that I hung out with (and in case you are wondering, my friends are not cats – there were actual real humans there…I swear…)



Snorfle liked the game box

Snorfle liked the game box



Tried a new tequila.  Good sipping one.

Tried a new tequila. Good sipping one.


I signed up for a SoulCycle class earlier this week for the 8:30AM class, so I knew I would be going regardless of what I was doing the night before. Good? Bad?  Between getting home super late and a few drinks the night before…the workout was definitely interesting to say the least.  Let’s just say I was a bit sluggish.  But I’m trying to go to SoulCycle two to three times per week.  As much as I am a hater of cardio, I am actually really enjoying myself.  You can rent shoes there for $3 / time, but I opted to actually buy my own shoes.  There is something about knowing how incredibly sweating and gross feet get during that class…and then wearing the same shoes a stranger had a bunch of foot sweat in.  Ewwww.  I bought the same ones that they use there and the LOOK Delta clips for them.  Worked like a charm. Trying to figure out schedule and when I can go this week before my big business trip.


Oh Hai!

Hai Friends and those of you that are still cruising past my blog.  Been struggling with what to post, if anything, for awhile now.

I decided to take an un-structured hiatus from Craic / Crossfit.  My return date is yet to be set.  I’m really happy with my decision.  The pressure of trying to find workouts to do without making my shoulder worse started to really eat at me.  I can’t describe it, but in an effort to try – I just felt too much pressure (all put on myself) when I was at Crossfit and constantly being disappointed with what was going on with my frozen shoulder situation – so for my own personal well-being, I needed to take a break with no distinct end in sight.

In the meantime, I’m working to figure out other things I can do so I can stay in shape.  My friend Barb introduced me to SoulCycle – and I went again today with my other friend Julie.  While it’s not something I’m going to do all the time, I’m going to make an effort to go 1-2 times / week at the very least.  I hate cardio and classes revolving around cardio in general – but there is something about SoulCycle that makes me happy when it’s done.  We shall see.


Sand Bagging

These are quite possibly the CUTEST wild felines I have ever seen.  Not to be confused with Cat Sand.

These are quite possibly the CUTEST wild felines I have ever seen. Not to be confused with Cat Sand.

Only cat related Sand Bag I could find on the interwebs.

Only cat related “sandbag” I could find on the interwebs.

Today’s workout was a bench workout and one of the tests for No Bread, a healthy eating lifestyle type contest that Craic does a couple of times per year.  Jarrod asked me if I had a plan this morning, to which I said “No.” and he said “Well, I guess your plan was to just show up and that’s the most important.” I’m paraphrasing, I think that there was a “fuck yea” in there or something – but I was sleepy.  I didn’t even set my alarm this morning, I just happened to wake up in time.  Been a really shitty week emotionally, so I just haven’t been sleeping well, nor motivated to workout.  But I woke up and I showed up to Craic.  Boom.


3Rds For Time:
400m Run
21-KB Swings

I scaled / modified my version of Helen.  Tried a couple of practice swings with the 18# KB and it was way too light.  Went conservative and went with the INT weight which was 26#.  I think any heavier would have pulled my shoulder forward a bit too much, so I’m happy with the weight I chose.  As mentioned 1000 times on this blog, I really hate running.  Jarrod had us do a total of two 400m runs before the workout even started.  They felt terrible.  I went up to him before the workout and was like “Um, my runs are going to be REALLY slow – and this workout might take me like…more than 15 minutes” – but Jarrod was confident that wasn’t the case, especially because I was going light on the KB and doing ring rows instead of pull-ups.

He was right.  And called me and another person working out today sandbaggers 🙂 Final time was 11:42. Runs were uncomfortable, but not terrible.  So that’s an improvement, right?