Yesterday, I did my first private OLY lifting session with Coach Jarrod.  I went into it thinking that it was primarily mobility, form, and lifting heavy weights. Boy was I wrong.  In my session, it finally hit me that all the functional movements that we do are related.  And it’s the things that you least expect that affect your movements the most.  My workout with him was like this:

We started with the 500m row, 3 rounds.
The first round, Jarrod had me go as fast as I could and my stats were this:
Watts 204 / 1:59.8 / 38 strokes
The second round, Jarrod coached me the entire way through – concentrating on my form.  This was really hard, and I went significantly slower.  
Watts 160 / 2:09.8 / 27 strokes
The third round, Jarrod had me use the coaching he had just given me to see how I did.  As you can see, not only did I drop almost two seconds from my first round – but I also dropped the amount of rows that I had to use.
Watts 213 / 1:58 / 33 strokes
A significant thing about the times above is that when we did a benchmark 500m row during my intro classes (in February 2012), I thought I was really kicking ass at the row.  My time then? 2:17, and I guarantee you I was NOT as efficient as I was today.

Then we went into specific lifting work.  Our focus was the snatch.

Snatch Work 
Coach B warm up with PVC pipe (down-ups, down-ups-shoulders, down-up-pull, down-up-overhead)
Hang snatch
Power snatch with squat
Then, to end the lovely session, an 8 minute AMRAP
250m row 
10 KB 27# swings
10 knees to elbows
2+ 1 row, 5KB
This was hard and I was zonked.  I ate like crap the previous day and I think that this was a major factor to that.  The more crap I eat, the more I realize that it’s not worth the way it makes me feel.
The session kicked my ass and I’ve already scheduled the next one.

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