4th of July – Burpees in the rain!

July 4th – Rest Day

My friend Leila had a rooftop party in Boston to celebrate the 4th of July.  It was amazing.  There were a bunch of people from Craic there, great food and a killer view.  We arrived there around 8:30PM – the fireworks were scheduled at 10:30PM.  So we spend two hours eating delicious food and socializing.  Niko (my husband) joined as well and met a bunch of my Crossfit friends.  He met Jarrod, and instead of doing a direct recruitment into Craic, he just casually said: “You know, we don’t do much.  Just changing lives and shit.”  Love it.

The fireworks started at 10:30 and about two minutes in it started to pour down rain.  The crazy people from Craic all decided to do burpees.  The two coaches that were there (Pete and Jarrod) decided to do the July 4th WoD – 100 burpees for time.  Since it was a rest day and I was wearing a dress, I only did 10 burpees.  My friend Ann did 10 as well, and she was wearing a skirt AND wedge heels!  It was definitely a memorable 4th.  

Here’s a picture of Pete and Jarrod doing burpees in the rain (notice the fireworks in the background).

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