Saturday Workouts – July 7th

I am WIPED.  I really considered not going to today’s workout – my back is tight from the deadlifts yesterday.  So I slept through the 8:00 am class and ended up showing up to the 9:00 am.

Coach Power’s Saturday workouts (Mike Power, yep, that is his real name) are usually brutal.  In late May, we did one called “Me and My Buddy.”  I got excited when I read the title of the workout because I thought it was a team workout.  Turns out, our “buddy” was a med ball.  You can find the actual workout here.

Today’s workout was no exception.  I was not looking forward to it, but after my cherry picking earlier this week – I had to show up and do the WoD.

It was three rounds for time.  

10 clean and jerks (55#)

20 wall balls (13#)

200m farmer’s carry (26# kettle bells)

HOLY SHIT.  This workout totally kicked my ass.  I thought that the wall balls would be the worst.  The farmer’s carry ended up being insanely hard, physically and mentally.  It killed my forearms. Rita, one of the people in my classes really pushed me on the carry.  She pushed me to run / walk fast (which makes for less time carrying the kettle bells) and it really helped me.  Especially the last round.  My goal was to finish in less than 20 minutes and without the extra push, I wouldn’t have.  There is definitely a power in the community / team feel at CF.  Always makes you want to do better. I just squeaked in with a time of 19:51.  

Tomorrow is a double session for me.  Rita is teaching a kettle bells class on Sunday and then I’m going to do my private session with Jarrod.  Monday will be a rest day for sure.  

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