Strength – Snatch Progression – July 11th

Today’s workout was a strength workout. I felt really tired going into it, but ended up with a PR today!

Today’s WoD: Snatch Progression to 1RM

  • High Hang Snatch – 1RM 70# 
  • Hang Snatch – 1RM 75# 
  • Full Snatch – 1RM 80# 

The private sessions with Jarrod are really paying off! My old 1RM for the full snatch was 70#. I knew when I did the high hang snatch at my old 70# PR (which was my PR for the full snatch) I was going to get a PR today for the full snatch.  I felt really good about my form for the 80# full snatch today.

Not sure if I will workout tomorrow. I really want to rest my shoulders before the swim on Saturday.  If it’s a shoulder intensive workout, I’ll probably take a rest day or two.  

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