So fresh and so clean! (A PR)

Last night I made some paleo friendly bacon chocolate scones.  I use the Paleo Table recipe as a base, but add my own bacon magic in it.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and Jarrod commented that he was going to change today’s WoD to a 1 hour AMRAP of Burpees if he didn’t get one.  The workout was focused on cleans, and since I just did the work with Jarrod on Sunday I decided to go in today to see if I could PR.  I know that it was a rest day, but I thought a strength workout could do me some good. (And I also wanted to get Jarrod his scones or he would make everyone do burpees).

Today’s WoD was a clean progression:

  • High hang clean (1RM) – 90#
  • Hang clean (1RM) – 95#
  • Power clean (1RM) – 115#

I ended up PR’ing (if you’re counting, that’s twice in one week) and it felt good. I need to remember to keep my shoulders back and be patient in the lift.  My inclination is to start pulling before I get a good opening of the hips and use my arms more than my shoulders and back.  I should be using all of it.  I got a little over zealous and tried for 120#.  I failed.  I looked over at Jarrod and he was shaking his head and said “You had a snowballs chance of getting that one past your belly button. Just embrace that you got a 10# PR today.  Save 120# for another day.”  He was right.  My arms were tired, my form sucked and I need to be patient.  Also embrace failure.  John had a great post about failure after we did Friday Night Fran.  

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