Jarrod and the Magnificent Snatch

Met with Jarrod again for another session.  It’s a very rare time where you appropriately hear “Your snatch is going to to be magnificent by the time we’re done.”  

We used the jerk boxes to practice getting explosive hips and then lifting overhead.  Pretty much a high hang snatch.  We did 7 x 2 sets in the following weight scheme: 65-70-70-70-70-70-70.  We tried to do 75, but I kept failing and getting frustrated.  I am starting to learn the difference between using my hips to push the weight, forcing it up and actually just trying to use only my muscles to get it up.  I tend to lean towards muscling up the lifts and I need to rely on form.  When my form was great, I got the lift up no problem.  It almost seemed effortless.  When I used my muscles, I got it up – but it wasn’t pretty.

We continued on the Snatch work by doing Snatch Drops, which were basically having the barbell resting on your back, hands at snatch depth, and dropping down into a an overhead squat.  They are kind of scary to do for some reason.  I can’t describe.  Maybe it’s dropping down so fast and having weight over your head.  I alternated those with Snatch Pulls, which is starting in the power snatch position and lifting the weight as high as you can without going into the rack position.  We did 5 x 3 of each.  For the snatch drops, the scheme was 45-45-45-50-50.  For the snatch pulls, the weight was 70-70-70-85-85. 

I really liked this session – and know that once I start getting all the different elements together, my snatch…will indeed…be magnificent.

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