Visitors Welcome

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I travel a decent amount for work.  I’d like to find Crossfit boxes locally that I can visit.  I did this once in Montreal and it was a lot of fun (even though the WoD was run in half-french / half-english).

Last night, I saw that the WoD was back squats (strength WoD) and emailed Jarrod to see if he thought it was OK if I went, considering it would be my 7th day straight. He thought it was fine and I showed up this morning.  We had a visitor in, who definitely was an experienced crossfitter named Erin.  Jarrod paired us together because he thought our weights matched up.  It was great working with her and the WoD was 7×2 back squats.  We did 125#.  Again, like yesterday – when my form was on – they were no problem.  When my form was off, it was a little more of a struggle to get them up.

After, I decided to work a little on my pull-ups.  Erin came over and gave me some pointers on kipping and I got my first toes to bar!  It was super exciting and something that I plan on working on consistently.  Nice to see a fresh face in Craic today and also got a first this month!  

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