Today’s WoD was simple enough: 30 snatches for time

I ended up doing 55#, but I think I should have gone heavier.  Meh.

Time: 3:18

Not a ton to say about today’s WoD.  My technique fell apart about half-way through, but got it back for the last 10.  I also didn’t keep the rep scheme that I was going to go with.  My left shoulder is feeling tired, so I’m definitely taking tomorrow off.  When I would go overhead, I definitely wasn’t stable on the left side. Recovery is just as an important part of training.  I need to keep reminding myself of that.

 And in full disclosure, it’s a coincidence that I’m taking tomorrow off and they’re doing Fran. I think that the thrusters and pull-ups would just make my left shoulder worse. But I’m not sad about missing it. 

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