For benchmark week, we did Helen.  One thing that you probably know about me if you’re reading this (1) I don’t love distance runs (or WoDs that contain them) and (2) Pull-Ups are my biggest goat.  I want to do one so badly, but understand it takes time.  Without further adieu, I will not introduce you to Helen:

3 rounds for time
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pullups

I modified the pull-ups and did what I thought were 6  jumping pull-ups.  I stood on a 45# weight plate, jumped up and pulled my chin to the bar. Jumping pull-ups always seem to take me forever compared to other people.  And today was no exception.  My friend Brendan was also doing jumping pull-ups and flew threw them.  I didn’t know why…until after the WoD and Jarrod pulled me aside and informed me that I was doing some weird jump up, pull up, negative pull up hybrid.  Jumping pull-ups are exactly what they sound like.  You jump and pull yourself over the bar and drop immediately.  Very eye opening.  Now I know why the scaled “BEG” version was jumping pull-ups and not band assisted (which were intermediate).  Blech.

The run, albeit slow, felt really good.  I am definitely feeling stronger and more endurance when I run.  When I first started Crossfit, the runs were brutal.  Half the time, I wanted to walk.  I was sooooo slow.  It’s getting better, which I’m really happy to say!

When we were figuring out our KB weights, I was feeling wimpy and went with 26#.  But I knew that was the easy path.  Instead, I went with the Rx 35# KB for the WoD and did all three KB sets unbroken!

Not sure how much I really liked Helen.  I definitely know where I can improve in my next meeting with her.  My final time was 13:03. Going into it, I knew my goal was to finish sub 15, so I was happy with the time.  Next time, sub-12 and band-assisted pull-ups!

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