Master’s Swim Practice

On Saturday, I went to a master’s swim practice with my friend Kendyl.  She is a triathlete and does this regularly to work on her swimming.  I haven’t done a structured swim workout in well over a decade, but was looking for something to supplement my Crossfit and this seemed like a really good fit.

The workout started with 6x25m warm up lengths.  Then we did “snakes” which consisted of swimming a length in one lap and “snaking” your way through the pool in all seven lanes.  We did this twice.  If you’re keeping track, add 2x7x25 to your count.

After that, we put on fins and did some kick drills. On her whistle, moderate kick then hard kick.  We did this for about 8×25.  After that, we did 3×100 – 2 lengths drill, 2 lengths swim.  (Also with the fins).

Then it was the real workout in the following scheme:

  • 5×25 moderate, rest :10, 1×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 4×25 moderate, rest :10, 2×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 3×25 moderate, rest :10, 3×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 2×25 moderate, rest :10, 4×25 fast, rest 1:00
  • 1×25 moderate, rest :10, 5×25 fast, rest 1:00

After that was complete, we did some triathlon practice. Since most of the races are in open water, we swam two lengths of the pool with our eyes closed to see if we could maintain a steady and even direction (I failed miserably!) We then closed the workout down with two lengths cool down.

What a great workout.  It was fab to be swimming again and I will definitely be making this a new part of my fitness regime.

Total distance: 1250 meters plus warm up

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