Triplet – Run, Sit-Up, Pull-Up

Today we did a 15 minute AMRAP triplet.  Run 400m, 10 burpees, 10 pull-ups.

I scaled, still a bit gun shy on the hand injury.  So instead of burpees, I did the Pistol Pete sit-up special.  You laid down flat and hold a bar straight up parallel to you.  Then you keep the bar up and sit up, pushing your head through your arms (like a lift).  It was an awesome workout.  I definitely needed the core workout.

I also did jumping pull ups, but I think next time it’s a pull-up workout, I will use the band.  I’m not sure the jumping pull ups are making me any stronger.  

Workout was tough.  Hard to not stop running.  But I made it through.  I really hate running and need to work on my endurance a bit more.  This means not skipping out on workouts which are endurance workouts.  I think today’s AMRAP and this weekend’s Hero WoD was a good start.  The last two 400m runs were tough!

After the fourth run, I had about 1 minute to complete the sit-ups and the pull-ups.  I hauled ass because I really wanted to finish at least four rounds.

Total Score: 4 rounds even

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