I loved today’s WoD – it was deceivingly harder than I thought it would be.

Today’s WoD was:

A) Power snatch  Build to a 2 rep max in 12mins after warmup


B) 5 touch n go Power Snatch on the min for 10 mins with 65-75% of A

I used the first twelve minutes, starting light at 45# just to get my form in line.  Then I went straight up to 55#, 65#, 70#, 75#, 80# (which was my PR).  80# felt really good and strong, and at the urging of my friend Cat, I tried for 85#.  They were two messy 2RM, but I got it!  I tried for a third after a bit of a rest to see if I should have tried for my 1RM max, but couldn’t get it up.

I scaled down 65% to 55# and did the 2nd part of the WoD with that weight.  The first couple of rounds seemed really easy.  I thought “Wow, this is a lot of rest in between!”  But as we got towards round 5 or 6, the rest got a lot shorter and shorter.  Cat also gave me a hint about how to drop the weight once you get up top (bring it into your hips and then drag down your legs) which helped a TON.

Final Scores: 85# / 55# (*PR*)

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