Weekend Swim, Cleans, and Jerks

Went swimming yesterday again with the Infantry Swimming team in Norwood.  What a great compliment to Crossfit.  I’m definitely going to be making it a regular thing.    Can’t remember exactly what we did, but it was a lot of swimming – distance – with very little rest.  I didn’t use my fins swimming this time.  That was Saturday.

Sunday, did my session with Jarrod.  We used the jerk boxes and practiced cleans.  The two things that I need to focus on at this point are really opening up my hips and then fast elbows.  John McEvoy, the owner and head trainer at Craic was just there by coincidence and I did a clean and he just walked by mumbling “elbows, elbows, elbows…” after one of my clean sets.  I did a 5×2 of cleans off the jerk box at 90#.

After that, we moved to split jerks.  This takes a decent amount of coordination.  It’s like a dance move!  Extend your elbows, push the weight up, split your legs (one in front of the other).  Okay, and then step back with your front foot and then step forward with your back foot.  And do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around… (okay, I added that last part).  I did a couple of these at 65#.  They were a lot of fun and I look forward to working on them in future sessions with Jarrod.

Jarrod is also the morning coach, so he sees what I’m doing during the week.  I think that this is insanely helpful for our 1-1 sessions, as he remembers what I need to work on and is on my ass during the week workouts to remember my form.  He also noticed that pull-ups are my nemesis that I so desperately want to be-friend.  We closed out our session practicing kipping, knees to chest.  He also gave me a bunch of things to work on as progressions to pull-ups.  Ring rows, kipping toes to bar / knees to chest, kipping motions, negatives … hopefully I can work these next couple of months to get myself to at least 1 dead hang pull up and a couple of kipping pull ups.

After we were done, I stayed at the gym and worked on pull-up progressions and did some mobility / stretching while the Kettlebell class was going on.  I hopped in the end of the KB class to do the ab work (which I also need to do more of).  People started migrating in for the open gym section and I ended up staying, socializing a bit and also I got the opportunity to see my friend, Susie, get THREE PR’s in a row for her back squats.  After three hours at the gym, I moseyed on home.  Onwards to tomorrow!

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