Coach Teehan makes an appearance

Today, we had a non-regular guest to the 6:30AM class.  Coach Teehan.  Paul Teehan is one of the best athletes in our gym and was the OLDEST competitor in the Crossfit Games Northeast Regionals at the ancient age of 38.  

And yes, those are 100# one-armed snatches.  No problem.  

Today I finally busted out the Crossfit knee socks look and I did it in style.  Perfect portrait of me – Crossfit and Cats. (The only thing that’s missing is Niko).

I was sore and tired from the weekend and yesterday’s “meh” WoD.  Today’s WoD looked interesting:

A) 10min pullup/Muscle-up work


B) 5 rounds – each for time @100% effort
10 Deadlifts
10 Box Jumps
rest 3mins between rounds

Whatever weight you do decide to choose you should be able to touch n go the 10 reps each round (so 5×10 Deadlifts @x weight). If you have to break up the 10 during any round you should scale for the next. This should be heavy but you should be moving.

I ended up doing dead hang pull ups with the green band, 3 per minute.  No muscle up practice for me!

Then I did 135# for the dead lifts (I didn’t want to go as heavy as I did with Rankel).  We were supposed to do a weight where we could do all 10 unbroken and quickly.  I was really happy with my results for today’s WoD.  After the first set, Jarrod told me to get my butt down and knees bent when I go down on my deadlifts (vs. just bending at the waist).  After the second set, Jarrod had told me that I really needed to open up my hips and as soon as I’m at the top, drop the weight to the floor and pick it back up again.  I cruised through my final deadlifts.  Then Paul stepped in and told me that for my box jumps to swing my arms forward on the way up and backwards on the way down.  Totally helpful.  Going into the WoD, I thought I would get slower as the sets progressed, but I ended up dropping 13 seconds from the beginning to end.

  1. :52
  2. :50
  3. :47
  4. :43
  5. :39

Amazing what a couple of form tweaks can do.  Great to have two coaches helping me out today.  Hopefully Coach T will make it back soon!

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