Handstand Push-Ups and Shoulder Press

Today’s WoD

EMOM 10 minutes – Handstand Push Up Progressions


5×5 Shoulder Press (20 min time cap)

I can do a handstand no problem.  I need to work on negatives.  I really fracking wanted my kipping handstand push up today, but I barely budged.  As Coach Pete tells me all the time…I need to accept where I am and move on.  But damn it.  I want to be good at something other than lifting.  It’s really frustrating.  Also, resting on my head before the kipping gave me a headache.  Argh.  Just irritated about the HSPU, which means I need to work on them.

I did 55# for the shoulder press.  It was really difficult to not lift my feet or use any part of my body for momentum.  Especially after working on the explosive lift part on Sunday.  But I did it.  It was the perfect weight.  By the time I got the the fifth rep on each set, I was toast.  

So, not really super duper about today – but there has been progress made.  

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