I couldn’t get my butt out of bed and since today was a strict strength workout, I decided to go to the 6:30PM class.  Last time I did back squats, we did 6×2 back squats and I did it at a weight of 125#.  Today’s WoD was 5×3 back squats.  I got to work out with my girl Morgan and she can lift a bit more than me, but it pushed me to do better than a couple of weeks ago.  We worked our way up 95#, 115#, 125#, 135# and finally ended at 145#.  By the time we got to the last set, I barely (but did) get it up.  I really wanted to see what my PR was going to be, but I was toast when all was said and done.  It felt good and it was fun working out with a different class time.  

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