Rest Days

I again got a lecture from Susie (not in a lecture-y way, but in a “I know you really want to, but here’s why you shouldn’t” supportive way).  I’ve been feeling like I’ve been plateauing as far as weight / gaining strength goes.  So I took yesterday off.  It felt nice to sleep in.

Then last night I got home from a dinner with a friend as just felt zonked.  I went to bed at 9PM, which is not normal for me. I woke up this morning feeling achy and stuffy and a tickle in my throat, so I decided to not go to Craic again.  I feel like crap not working out two days in a row, but I honestly don’t think I could have handled a workout today.  Every inch of my body and my brain were telling me not to workout today.  

Tomorrow I’ll make it in, provided I feel better.  I hate rest days, but sometimes you have to take them.

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