Saturday Strength

Today, John coached the class.  Usually Saturday classes are a metcon WoD – you basically come in, very little thought is involved and just plow through the WoD.  Today, the WoD was a strength WoD.  Last week, I posted about rest days and how Susie reminded me that the body needs rest in order for it to recover and for you to get stronger.  I think it paid off!

The WoD was simple: 1RM clean and jerk

I have never down the clean and jerk for 1RM.  The only time I did jerks was in college…(heh, see what I did there?).  Anyway, the only times I’ve done them in Craic were for quality and also with Jarrod – working on technique.  The highest wait that I’ve done a jerk is 75#, so I don’t really consider that a PR.  I was really nervous for some reason, but John is a really good lifter and Jarrod armed me with some good technique training.  I really, really, really wanted a clean PR today.  I started out at 75# to get the body warmed up.  It was no problem.  Not knowing what I could lift overhead, I thought I would build slowly – so I went 85#, 95#, 100#, 105#, 110# and then to my personal record so far, 115#.  115# was a messy clean, but I managed to get it up and the jerk was no problem at all.  So I decided to go for it.  I at least wanted to see if I could clean 120#.  I DID IT!  Yay!  The jerk was a bit of a hot mess, but I’ll take it!  I still have trouble having fast elbows and letting go of the bar as I’m pushing my elbows through on the clean.  That’s where I fall apart every time.  I then did three attempts at 125#, but failed to clean it each time.  

But it was a PR today for the books at 120#.  Yippee!

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