Staying Awake!

Landed in Boston after flying back from Germany the other day.  12 hours of total travel time really takes it out of you.  We landed an hour early and Niko came to pick me up.  Since working out when I landed in Cologne helped me normalize my schedule, I decided to look up the workout at Craic and if I thought it was something that I could scale for my exhausted body – I’d show up.  The WoD was 8×2 backsquats, resting for 3 seconds at the bottom of the squat.  John explained the purpose of the set here.  I think I was running on my 2nd wind when I showed up and my body was sort of rested from not having worked out since Monday.  I worked out with Elizabeth (who coincidentally is usually in the 6:30AM class with me and randomly showed up to the 6:30PM class) and the other Christina.  It was a great time, we were loose and joking around.  I started out at 75# and that was way too easy.  I then went to 95#, 115#, 125# and ended up doing the workout at 135#.  Even though I wasn’t planning on it, I got the bug to really push myself.  The last backsquat of the last set was the hardest, but I pushed through. I even got a compliment from Sara and Dork (two of the coaches) that my squat was “perfect.”  That was a good boost.  I went home, grabbed dinner with Niko and then promptly passed out around 9:30AM.

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