Back at it. Dragging ass.

Wowza.  Did I pick the day to come back to Craic or what?  Perhaps it was something cosmically joking with me – as I managed to dodge the running Fran. 

Today’s WOD:

5 rounds for time
10 burpee pull-ups
10 Power snatches (75,55)
10 Air squats
200m run

I scaled the burpee pull ups to 5, and did them jumping to the higher bar on plates.  So it was essentially 5 burpees into 5 step up to plates and then 5 jumping pullups.  I did the Rx weight (45#) and number of air squats. My final time was 20:17.  It was kicking my ass.  You know that the workout is a tough one for me when the RUN is the rest. I thought I was going to puke about halfway through the fourth round.  Overall, good class and great way to jumpstart back into Craic after a sporadic couple of weeks due to travel and vacation.  

We were supposed to go to Jamaica, but that got canceled due to the hurricane.  Instead, we took a last minute trip out to the Berkshires.  We drove up to the Mt. Greylock summit, which is the highest point in Massachusetts and I decided to do a handstand.  That made my feet the highest feet at the time in the state!  My form is a little wonky, but I did it!  Here’s proof!

Later today I have a session with Jarrod in which we are going to work on gymnastics.  I’m not even sure what this means, but I will post about it later.

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