I didn’t get a chance to post this before I left for vacation, so I’m sorry for the extended absence (to all three of you that read this).

Tuesday (August 21st) workout was:

A) Power Clean – Build to a heavy single in 10mins after warmup

B) 5 rounds for time
10 Power Cleans
Run 200m

My knee had been bothering me when I went down into a squat to pick up the bar (it started on Sunday in open gym).  So I did this modified.  We put the weights on a low rack position so I wouldn’t have to go into that squat position and I did hang cleans from there.  I ended up building up to (A) 105# hang clean and doing (B) 75# hang clean for a total time of 10:45.  

I like the workouts that have the 200m run.  400m for these types of workouts just seem like too much and overwhelming.  Craic started a running club that starts this Wednesday. I’m going to join and see if I can start to like running … or at least tolerate it better.

When I was on vacation, I still had the compulsion to look at the WODs and holy mother of God, I saw this one and nearly crapped my pants for those that had to do it. Running mother-effing Fran.  HOLY SHIT.  I’m not going to lie, I was happy to be on vacation and not working out the next day when I read that.  

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