Post Borked Back

In the middle of the day on Tuesday, my back started bothering me.  It got worse as the day progressed and seem to extend all the way up and down my left side.  I can’t exactly pinpoint the cause, but I have some suspects.  When I was in Germany, I tend to favor my left side, so I put all the weight and pressure (if possible) on the right side.  I had a really heavy laptop bag (probably 20-30 pounds) that I was carrying on my right shoulder and carrying with my right arm.  Then, when we were in the Berkshires, the room had a slightly slanted floor and therefore the bed was at a slant.  I spent the first two nights constantly trying to adjust.

Fast forward to Tuesday, sitting at my desk, typing up some emails.  And the pain begins.  I don’t really have the energy to go into my shoulder history.  But anyway, there was no way I was working out on Wednesday or Thursday. *I was really bummed because Craic started up its Run Club last Wednesday and and I really want to improve on my running.  I ended up going to see a massage therapist named Leo who works out of the Boston Sports Club in Waltham.  While he didn’t completely “cure” me, he came pretty damn close.  My low back is still sore.

Today’s WOD:

3 rounds for time

  • 400m run
  • 10 front squats
  • 10 burpees

I couldn’t fathom doing burpees with the low back pain (I swear, I’m not finding excuses not to do them) so instead of burpees, hung from the PU bar and did knee lifts. In addition, I did a really light front squat.  35#. It’s so frustrating to be injured and doing lower weight.  We were supposed to do this in a sprint fashion.  I have a mental block that I need to work through on going faster on the runs, I think (although I can’t seem to push past this) that I’m scared of running out of gas and not being able to finish the WOD.  During the WoD, I couldn’t even contemplate running faster – but after – I think that I could have run a bit faster.

Total time: 10:17

Let’s wait and see how tomorrow goes.  Hopefully I won’t have to scale too much.

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