Rest Days

I again got a lecture from Susie (not in a lecture-y way, but in a “I know you really want to, but here’s why you shouldn’t” supportive way).  I’ve been feeling like I’ve been plateauing as far as weight / gaining strength goes.  So I took yesterday off.  It felt nice to sleep in.

Then last night I got home from a dinner with a friend as just felt zonked.  I went to bed at 9PM, which is not normal for me. I woke up this morning feeling achy and stuffy and a tickle in my throat, so I decided to not go to Craic again.  I feel like crap not working out two days in a row, but I honestly don’t think I could have handled a workout today.  Every inch of my body and my brain were telling me not to workout today.  

Tomorrow I’ll make it in, provided I feel better.  I hate rest days, but sometimes you have to take them.

Cleans and Failure

Note to self.  Do not go to the 6:30PM class and then turn around and go to the 6:30AM class, especially when they are both strength workouts.  Today kicked my ass.

Today’s WoD:

A) Power Clean – work to a heavy 1 with good form in 12min (NOT A 1RM)

B) For time
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Clean
30 Double Unders between each set

Wowza.  I paced myself well on the first part, building up to my PR (which is 115#).  I started at 75#, 95#, 105#, 110#.  I attempted 115# twice but failed and time was running out, so I took off weight for the 2nd part of the workout.  I decided to go 75# because I knew that the double unders were going to kill me. I tried to puss out and do single unders, but Jarrod suggested that I do 10 DU or 15 attempts.

The first sets were brutal.  I could barely get my double unders.  My legs were tired, my shoulders were tired.  Hell, I was tired.  As the WoD progressed, I found that I was jumping slower, but able to string together more DU, which was awesome.  I finished slow – 17:54. I feel like I failed moving at such a snail’s pace, but then I saw this which reminded me that failure is all part of growing.  Just a little motivation for the day.


I couldn’t get my butt out of bed and since today was a strict strength workout, I decided to go to the 6:30PM class.  Last time I did back squats, we did 6×2 back squats and I did it at a weight of 125#.  Today’s WoD was 5×3 back squats.  I got to work out with my girl Morgan and she can lift a bit more than me, but it pushed me to do better than a couple of weeks ago.  We worked our way up 95#, 115#, 125#, 135# and finally ended at 145#.  By the time we got to the last set, I barely (but did) get it up.  I really wanted to see what my PR was going to be, but I was toast when all was said and done.  It felt good and it was fun working out with a different class time.  

Working on the Weekend

I swam yesterday.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed and into the water, but once I was there, I got a solid workout.  I like having swimming as a Sunday routine.  I’m not sure what I am going to do next week prior to me leaving for Cologne.  I might go to Craic on Saturday instead, as I will be out of CF world for most of the week while I’m in Germany.  I’m very excited to visit Crossfit Cologne on Monday (8/13).  Should be a fun time!

Today was 5×5 deadlifts at a pretty heavy weight.  Rita (today’s coach) said that we should be pretty maxed out by the time we get to five.  I did 1 round at 175# and 4 rounds at 185#.  It was hard and I really need to work on opening up my hips at the top of the deadlift.  And also avoid rounding out my back.  I then hung around the gym for an hour to wait for the team training. I’m getting my certification as a judge for the Garage Games and I wanted to practice judging and counting and holding people to standards.  Their workout was super difficult and I’m hoping to be that athlete next year.  For now, I’ll judge and coach.

It’s the weekend I I want to relax. Short post today.  

Squat Cleans

Today’s WoD was similar to one we did a week ago.  Focused on squat cleans.

I’m not digging the WoDs where you only have 10 minutes to get to … wow.  As I was typing that last sentence, I realized why they (the Craic coaches) are doing it in this format.  Alright, sorry for that stream of consciousness. To explain: the sentence that I was going to type was that I’m not digging the WoDs where you only have 10 minutes to get to a max weight because I always run out of time and don’t get to where I want to be.  But as I was typing it I had an Oprah-esque “A-Ha Moment”, I realized the reasoning and why the Craic programming is brilliant.  If you compete, there are parts of the WoDs where you have a time limit to get to your 1RM.  It’s a fixed amount of time and you need to learn where you should start and to move quickly up to your 1RM as your scoring depends on it.

So, today’s WoD was:

A) 10min to work to a heavy 1rep Squat Clean (not a 1RM)

B) 5×5 Squat Clean – you pick the weight (does not have to be touch n go)

I only managed to get up to 90# before I ran out of time. Similar to what happened to me last week.  For the 5×5 portion, I went pretty light (75#) and it ended up being easier to manage.  The good news from it is that I really got the opportunity to work on my form. I’m definitely leaning forward at times too much and I really need to work on having faster elbows.  I’m not feeling terrible about going to light, as I think my body is a bit on the tired side.  Tomorrow will be active recovery by swimming.

Score: 90#/75#

FUG. When you should rest and you don’t.

The alarm went off this morning and I really wanted to stay in bed.  I should have stayed in bed and took today off.  My body needed the rest.  

I stumbled out of bed, my lower back is tight because of the deadlifts yesterday and I was just generally tired.  I got into Craic and my head wasn’t in it, nor was my body.  It didn’t get better when I noticed how today’s WoD crushed the Craic O’Dawn class.

Today’s WoD:

1) 10min AMRAP
10 Wallballs
5 T2B
10 Burpees
15 Double Unders

rest 5min

2) 10min AMRAP
10 Wallballs
5 T2B
10 Burpees
15 Double Unders

Goal is same score on both AMRAPs

I did knees to chest and what started out as double unders turned out to be singles.  I struggled getting the wallballs up to the base height line. Knees to chest was fine and then I got to the burpees.  They just take so much out of you.  Once I stood up to do the double-unders, I couldn’t really string them together so I started doing 30 single unders.  It sucked.  Every moment sucked.  I hated today.

I learned the lesson that I need to rest when my body is telling me to.  All signs pointed to rest and I didn’t.   We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

My final scores: 3+18 / 3+16