Swim and Jarrod

Swam on Saturday, definitely a great idea. Was a good recovery workout. Got some metcon in while also stretching and using my arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Loved it. We did triathalon training, after some drills for the warm up did 6 rounds of 4 lengths (1 moderate, 1 fast, 1 easy, 1 fast) and jumped out of the pool, ran to the other end and then dove in and did 1 length sprint. Great workout and I think it definitely helped my back.

Today, I worked out with Jarrod. We used the jerk boxes and did high hang cleans to work on “fast elbows.” I really need to ease up on the death grip that I use sometimes. We did a couple rounds of 2 high hang reps. 90% of the time I did a shitty 1st rep and improved on the 2nd rep. I did those at 75#. The next set of reps we did 85# and on the 2nd rep I did split jerks. I just need to do a bunch of reps at a light weight over and over again practicing my elbows and grip at the top of the clean. We then went inside and worked on some kipping gymnastics.

After, I spent some time working by myself in stretching and mobility. I need to make a habit of this…

Tomorrow’s workout is perfect. Only prob is I don’t know what weight I should use considered I’m just coming off an injury. I hate using light weights.

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