Run, Stina, Run!

Today I did a double.  This morning I did the regular WoD, which was 3 rounds for time of 15 snatches and 15 bar facing burpees.  I tried doing one burpee and my low back didn’t feel great, so I did sit-ups instead.  I’m going to see the massage guy again tomorrow so I’m hoping that I can do burpees again starting this weekend.  I hate burpees, but feel like an a-hole not doing them.  First it was my hand and now it’s my back.  Maybe it’s my body telling me not to do them 😉  Ha.  I did the INT weight, which was 65#.  It was really heavy do to 45 reps of them, but since I wasn’t doing burpees, I told myself to suck it up.  Final time was 9:36.  I shudder to think about the time that it would have been if I did the burpees.  I definitely would have lowered the weight.

Then, tonight brought my first time at Running Club.  It’s coached by this dude Dave Conner who’s a Team in Training running endurance coach.  The workout was 400m time trial, 10 minutes of rest, 1 mile time trial.  I was crapping my pants.  I begged my friend at work to schedule a last minute meeting so I might be able to miss it.  I showed up, bummed that I was there and being pretty fucking negative about it.  I hate running.  It’s my biggest goat.  Put me in a pool, I’m fine.  Make me run – I hate you.  Dave told me that the running club might not make me not hate running, but perhaps I will hate it a little less.  So, anyway – my friend didn’t end up scheduling the meeting for me and I showed up.  We did a warm up slow 400 and I was zonked.  I was dreading the rest of the evening’s runs planned. I felt sick.  

We did some mobility and then it was time for the 400m sprint.  I did it in 1:26.  I felt good, as I wanted to finish in less than 1:30.  I ran fast the first 200m and then put some kick into the last 200m.  I could hear my pal Lisa coming up behind me and just tried to push through to the end.  After the 400m, I felt really dizzy and couldn’t focus.  I think I needed to snack a bit before I went to do the run.  Lesson learned.  In addition, I’m not great about hydrating and I should have drank more water throughout the day.

And then it was time for the 10 minute rest.  I talked to Dave about some pointers for running, as I missed the first run club and he told me to stay as relaxed as possible in the shoulders and also try to not heel strike.  And then we were off.  I ran with my girl Amanda.  We were both really nervous and started off on the run.  We were in the 2nd heat, 30 seconds behind the first heat.  The first 400 felt terrible and I started to think that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the next three laps.  But after the halfway mark, we hit our stride.  We ran the last lap and picked up some speed, both pushing each other to run faster we hit 200m to go and really started to pick it up.  The crew was cheering us on and we ran all out for the last 100m.  As we got close to the clock/finish line, we both saw the time 9:52 and both of us were determined to run the mile in sub-10:00.  We busted our butts and crossed the line at 9:56.  We were so happy we hugged.  This was a huge accomplishment for me because prior to Craic, I was lucky if I could break 11:00 minutes.  As we were de-constructing our run, Amanda realized that we were supposed to deduct 30 seconds from our time because we started 30 seconds behind the first wave.  Therefore…our time was 9:26.  

Yes, mother-effers.  We both ran sub 9:30 miles.  This might be slow for some, but it was a huge effing accomplishment for me and Amanda.  We were stoked.  I’m PRing my OLY lifts and stuff like that, but it wasn’t really until that moment that I realized what Crossfit has done for me.  I mean, we work on OLY lifts at Craic, so it was only natural that I will see gains in that.  I can’t really put it into words.  I shaved over 1:30 from my mile time.  I’m still in shock.  

Who has two thumbs and ran a sub-9:30 mile?

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