Firebreather – Day One

Today was my first day judging, like…ever.  I was a bit nervous, but once I got my first no rep out of the way things got better.  I kept on having a mental block and forgetting to start my watch for the back squat WoD, but it ended up being fine.

I didn’t even have time to take pictures today, so here’s a picture someone got of me in my judges gear during a break.

Here’s my coach, Jarrod, racking his back squats.  He looks like he is showing me his ass and I am clearly not impressed.  Since I talk a lot about him on the blog, thought I’d post a  random pic of the two of us.

I am way too zonked from judging today to write a longer post.  Once I’ve wrapped my head around all that took place this weekend, I’ll write a longer post.  

What an amazing time to see these incredible athletes kick some ass.

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