Firebreather Festival – Day Two

So the Firebreather Festival is over.  Craic totally represented.  We had close to 20 people competing and everyone killed it!  I think a lot of them surprised themselves with how well they did and I can’t wait to see them compete again.  One of the coaches / owners, Glen, placed third in the Men’s Scaled Division.  So great to see one of us up on the podium.

The WoDs for the event are below:

1.  ”Jackie”
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull ups
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 11 Minutes

2.  ”Back Squat/HSPU”
1 Round for time:
25 Back Squats 225/155 (from a rack)
25 Handstand Push ups (kipping allowed)
Scaled Division – Back Squats 185/115, HSPU – 1/2 Abmats
Time Cap – 5 Minutes

1 RFT:
5 Dead Lifts (315, 225)
300 yard Shuttle (25 yrds out and back x 6)
Scaled Division – Deads 225, 135
Time Cap – 2 Minutes


1.  ”Quest”
1300m Run with hills
800m Run with hills with bumper plate 45, 25
1300m Run with hills
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 30 Minutes

2.  ”AMRAP 4″
2 Power Cleans (185, 135)
2 Front Squats (185, 135)
2 Shoulder to Overhead (185, 135)
Scaled Division – men 135, women 95
Time Cap: 4 minutes

CUT TO TOP 12 MALE and FEMALE for RX Division

3.  ”FINALS”
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power Snatch 115/80
Barbell Burpees
Scaling:  No Scaling
Time Cap:  16 minutes

 I spent Saturday going back and forth between Jackie and the Backsquat / HSPU.  Jackie was a little less stressful than the BS/HSPU workout to judge.  The first part of the workout is just watching them do 1000 meters.  For the thrusters, need to make sure that they went down below parallel, opened their hips up at the top and full extension at the top with their arms.  Then the pull-ups they had to get their chins above the bar.  I had to do some no reps on both the thrusters and the pull-ups.

Most of the athletes I judged for the BS/HSPU workout had trouble with the HSPU or just wanted to get through the backsquats.  If you’re competing, remember – every rep counts.  Keep on pushing, no matter what. There will be some people who get no reps and even if you get one rep – you’re still ahead of them.  One of the rules for the backsquats was that if you didn’t rack the weight and dropped it – ALL of your reps are erased and your count is back to zero.  One of the athletes I was judging dropped his barbell during his 25th rep…and lost all of his previous reps.  I thought I was going to throw up when it happened.  I felt so bad for him.  He had broken the last 15 up into sets of two, and I think he wanted to bang out the last one and went for rep 25 (after doing 23 and 24) and just couldn’t get it up.  He was really bummed about it, but seemed to take it in stride.  

The second day I was on Quest duty.  We were initially supposed to rotate out, but our judges group had a great system down and did all of the heats (9 in all).  I loved staying on the same one because it gave me the opportunity to cheer for every one of the Craic heads because they all had to come through the heat.  Glen (see above) KILLED this one, as did Nikki (also a Craic head).  Another Craic head, Reggie, had to do the Quest WoD late because he had a baptism in the morning and ended up doing Sunday’s WoDs back to back.  It was incredible to see every one of the Craic crew push through this WoD.  I think that if I had to do it, I would start crying.

John McEvoy, our head coach, ended up making it into the top 10 and into the final heat.  His snatch is amazing.

3.  ”FINALS”
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power Snatch 115/80
Barbell Burpees
Scaling:  No Scaling
Time Cap:  16 minutes

Heather Bergeron, the co-owner of Crossfit New England competed in the women’s Rx division.  She had a baby four months ago and ended up WINNING.  

Overall, it was a great weekend.  I definitely wasn’t a perfect judge, but I learned a lot both from a workout / form perspective and from a judging perspective.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted, but I got to meet a lot of great people and witness some greatness. It was such a great way to be involved even though I wasn’t competing. I hope that I represented Craic well.  I can’t wait to judge Southie.

Here’s most of the Craic crew that were at the games.  We’re a crazy bunch, but we had a blast together!

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