15 min AMRAP – Run, Snatch, Squat

Back at Craic today.  I took yesterday off to recover from the weekend.  Going to try to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week and take Friday off before I go and do Sonia’s Run this Saturday.

Today’s WoD was a 15 minute AMRAP.  Run 200, 10 hang snatches, 10 overhead squats

When I was warming up, my ankle started hurting me and when I was walking across the gym to get a PVC pipe, I felt something snap.  There was no pain, but I definitely didn’t feel stable.  I asked Jarrod what a good replacement was and he suggested I try the Airdyne.  Do 10 calories.  Sounded easy enough.  For those of you who don’t know what an Airdyne is, you can look it up here.  Basically it’s a bike that uses both your hands and feet to move – using almost all your muscles to pedal and pump.  

I did the Rx weight, which was 45.  I knew I could hang snatch that weight no problem and overhead squat it no problem.  I’m trying to challenge myself to do Rx weight whenever possible and not caring so much about the reps, but trying to get through it.  When I told Jarrod that I was thinking that I was going to do Rx, he looked at me as if I was stupid to think that there was even a chance that I wasn’t doing Rx.

My goal was to get at least 4 rounds complete and anything after that would be gravy.  For most, the ones who ran, the run was to be used a rest for your arms.  For me, not so much on the Airdyne.  I have decided that I hate the Airdyne.  Not only do you look like an ass while you’re on it (my friend, John, who is an amazing Crossfitter looks very silly on it…)  but you’re sucking wind the entire time and want to die.  So first round, got off the Airdyne and managed to get through the snatches and OHS unbroken.  It broke down like this:

  1. Airdyne 10 cals, Snatches into OHS unbroken
  2. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches 5-5, dropped bar, OHS unbroken
  3. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches 5-5, dropped bar, OHS unbroken
  4. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches unbroken, dropped bar, OHS unbroken
  5. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches unbroken, dropped bar, OHS unbroken

After I finished the 4th round, I was determined to bang out an entire 5th.  I did the snatches unbroken, dropped the bar with 40 seconds left.  Picked up the bar and banged out the OHS faster than I had the entire workout.  Finished at 14:52 – didn’t have time to get some calories under my belt on the Airdyne.

Final score: 5 rounds

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