Squat Cleans and a Goat WoD

I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday, so I’ll be covering two days worth of WoDs.

Wednesday’s workout was a strength WoD.  It was work your way up to a heavy rep of a squat clean. I was really excited about this WoD because I love working on my cleans.  I haven’t mastered them yet, so any chance to work on them is one that I welcome.  I felt that I learned a lot about form through osmosis of watching people at the Firebreather Festival.  Jarrod stressed to the group that we should take the first ten minutes of so using less than half of our 1RM weight to work on getting your form down correctly.  When I’m thinking too much about it during the rep, I am still locking my hook grip, even as I am bringing my elbows underneath.  I need to learn to let go as I’m dropping my elbows consistently.  I had some really good reps where I’m definitely seeing improvement. The first rep I did was with 55#.  I totally pulled too hard and almost fell backwards.  Jarrod had to remind me that I wasn’t pulling a heavy weight and the focus of the low weight reps was that I could manipulate my form and make micro-adjustments so it would just come naturally.  

After the practice at 55#, I went up to 75# and did a couple of reps, 95#, 105#, 115#, and then wanted to go for my current 1RM – which is 120#.  I failed at the first attempt.  Then Jarrod gave me another pointer – which was to gaze straight ahead versus stare down at the bar.   It helps you not have the stripper butt when you come up. He also reminded me to go slow until I get up above my knees with the bar.  This is a common issue that I need to get better at.  Patience is key 🙂 So I gazed out the window in front of me and drew up the weight slowly and poof, it was in the rack position and I was squatting.  Now I just had to stand up!  I settled into the squat and drove my feet into the ground and stood up.  It was relatively painless and I thought I’d have another 5# in the tank.  Why not try for a PR?  I did the same thing as I did for 120# and gazed out the window, took the initial lift slow and again – same thing, all of a sudden I was in the rack position, squatting.  I just had to stand up and the PR was mine.  It took some extra push, but I ended up doing it!  I wanted to go for 130#, but we were out of time.  Another time.  Final Score: 125# – PR by 5#

Notice my awesome PR outfit that I wore.  Cats make everything magic.

Fast forward to today’s WoD.  I looked at it last night and thought to myself “This looks terrible.”  It was, for time, five rounds:

  • 30 double unders
  • 20 push ups
  • 10 pull-ups

I warmed up doing some double unders and my ankle still is not cooperating.  It’s impact stuff and feels like it’s about to snap or something when I hit the ground.  It’s not painful, but very disconcerting.  I asked Jarrod if it was okay if I had to sub 15 sit-ups with the DUs in case it felt wonky during the workout. Before the WoD started, we did a 10 minute EMoM for our goats (the stuff that plagues us the most).  I decided to do handstand pushups and just hold a handstand for 10 seconds doing negatives.  Jarrod told me to go all the way down on my third negative.  It wasn’t happening and frustrating. But goats usually are, right?  Onto the WoD.  I did the first round with double-unders, but my ankle wasn’t having any of it.  I did chest to ab-mat push-ups and they were wildly inconsistent.  Some parts I could bang out 7-10.  Then I could only put together 2-3 if I was lucky.  Then I went to the pull-ups and did these kipping jumping pull-ups.  It’s where you stand on a box, kip forward, do a kipping pull-up and so forth.  It was exhausting.  This whole WoD was.  In the second round, I forgot to do my pushups, so I did them after I did my pull-ups and then did my sit-ups and then did the pushups again.  It was a freaking wreck and I’m done.  Final time: 15:27

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