Mayorship Lost, Soul Crushed

Today I checked my email right before I was going to leave for a workout with Jarrod and found that my biggest rival, Johnny D, stole my mayorship of Craic.  So, he’s not my biggest Crossfit rival (see below, he is wearing a 35# weight vest for Sonia’s Run)…he’s my biggest Foursquare rival, specifically for Crossfit Craic.  He was one of the founding members of Craic, lives right around the corner and has had his eye on re-gaining the mayorship ever since I originally stole it from him.  I guess he deserves it.  He did run a 5K with a weight vest yesterday.  

I grabbed my keys and my bag and headed into Craic.  Knowing he would be there to rub it in my face.  Before I arrived and he found out that he got the mayorship, he told Jarrod and his wife Susie.  Jarrod’s reply was “That’s okay.  I’m about to crush her soul anyway with this workout.”  Very comforting.  Just remember people, every check-in counts.  John is traveling on business this next week so I’ll hopefully get it back sometime soon 😉 

I bought some OLY lifting shoes since I’m focusing on getting stronger and lifting better.  I chose the Reebok Crossfit OLY shoes because most times I am not going to use them only for lifting, likely there will be other crossfit elements put into a normal workout.  Here are the ones that I got:

So onto that exciting soul crushing workout.  Started with the Burgener warm up and then did some drop/balance snatches. That’s putting the bar in the back rack position, dropping into a squat and throwing the bar up in the air.  The shoes totally throw off your balance at first until you get used to them and I failed a couple of the attempts.  I finally started using them to my advantage and felt pretty good about it.  Onto the snatches.

The goal was to do a progression to my 1RM just to test me.  It went like this:

  • 55#x5
  • 65#x3
  • 75#x1
  • 80#x1
  • 85#x1 (failed first attempt)
  • 90#x1 (failed first two attempts)
  • 92.5# failed three attempts

SO FRUSTRATING.  It’s frustrating because it’s all form that’s keeping me from putting up higher weights. Jarrod kept on telling me to get under the bar and every time I dipped like two inches.  I just couldn’t connect and put my head under the bar.  I’m not sure why and I need to work on it…It’s a mental block that I need to push through…it just wasn’t happening today.  I’m at least happy that I was able to repeat my 1RM and the time I did it, it wasn’t a fluke.  But seriously –  2.5# and I couldn’t get the frakking bar up.  Argh!  But wait, that’s not the soul crushing workout!  Nope, that was just the beginning.

The workout, which I got a glimpse of was 3 rounds, with two minutes rest in between rounds.

  • 30 second plank
  • 15 dumb bell thrusters (20# each)
  • 200m 30# sandbag run

This workout SUCKED. I was dreading the plank, but that turned out to be the easy part.  A two minute break goes by fast.  Oy.  I’ve never done the sandbag carry and had no idea how to carry it.  I think the worst part of the workout was the thrusters.  My left shoulder is considerably weaker than my right shoulder.  Not having the stability of the barbell and being able to compensate with my right shoulder really affected the thrusters.  These were tough and really tiring. The last 2-3 thrusters from each set SUCKED ass.  I managed to do them unbroken but was really close to dropping the weights.  I got worse from round 1 to round 2.  And managed to do my fastest round for round 3.  It took me a full 15 minutes to catch my breath after this WoD.  Soul crushing indeed.  Final times:

  1. 2:41
  2. 2:44
  3. 2:37

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