Frustration with Front Squats. Testing Week.

My time at Craic this morning started out on a good note!

Less than 24 hours later and it’s mine again!  Yes!

Now onto today.  John McEvoy posted last night on the Craic main site:

This week is a big testing week at CRAIC. We encourage you all to try and make it in everyday Mon-Fri and get all your results recorded. We will be retesting this week starting Mon 29th Oct. “

So today’s test was 1RM front squat.  I was feeling pretty confident going in, knowing that my previous PR was months ago and it was 145#.  I was thinking that I would at least get 150#.  I even wore my new fancy weightlifting shoes.  I worked out with a new addition to the 6:30 crew, Ann (who crushed it at 125#!).  Today’s build-up / rep scheme went up as follows:

  • 65# x 5
  • 75# x 5
  • 95# x 3
  • 115# x 3
  • 125# x 1
  • 135# x 1
  • 145# x 1
  • 155# FAIL
  • 150# FAIL

I was extremely frustrated.  I still am.  I really wanted to PR today.  But it just wasn’t happening.  I know that I have to just pick up and move on, after all, failure is an important part of this journey … but I’m effing pissed.  I’m not sure if it was form, strength…but I’m stuck there.  No improvement after 3 freaking months.  ARGH.

<Insert sarcastic tone here> I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s test is going to be.

(In other news – my friend Leila had a 25# PR today for her front squat!  Rock star!)

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