Testing, Day 3 – Snatches

**This post will have some profanity in it.  I’m just saying.**

This has been a frustrating week so far.  It started on Sunday when I did my 1RM with Jarrod for my snatch.  Stuck at 90#.  Couldn’t get to 92.5#.  Then on Monday, I couldn’t get past 145# for my front squat.  Yesterday, had to drop 10# for Diane.  And today, it’s back to 1RM snatches.  I had a bad attitude about today as soon as I walked in the door.  I’ll own that.

So, as mentioned above, today’s test was 1RM Snatch. I worked out with Elizabeth.  She’s a lot stronger than she thinks she is.  Once she has form down, she’s going to crush it!  I did the following rep scheme:

  • 45# x 5
  • 65# x 5
  • 75# x 3
  • 85# x 1

And then I thought I was going for my 1RM at 90# and tried three times and failed miserably.  I was PISSED OFF.  Like, really fucking pissed.  Every time I dropped the bar, I had a mini-tantrum and dropped the f-bomb.  I had to walk outside to cool off, but I couldn’t walk that far because it had rained, I had my weightlifting shoes on…so I could only walk to the mat at the door. So much for a dramatic exit!

Tried again, didn’t drop, couldn’t get it up.  Not even close. I just got 90# on Sunday and the 85# I just did seemed easy.  I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even deal. Was this past Sunday at 90# just a fluke?  What the fuck is wrong with me? I must have been way too aggro because Jarrod had to come over and basically tell me to calm the fuck down.  (He did it in a very nice supportive way, but I did really need to calm down.)  After taking some breaths,  I looked at the barbell and realized that I had been trying to lift 95#.  SHIT!  That’s why it was so hard.  That’s 5# over my PR.  Crappy barbell math on my part.

I didn’t even try for 90#.  I waited a couple of minutes and went for 95# again.  Fail fail fail.  I need to get under the damn bar.  I know that my body can do it, I just seem to have a psychological blockage that’s preventing me from getting under the bar.  I know I can lift it to the height I need to, now it’s just gymnastics.  I’m very fortunate to have Jarrod as my morning coach and my private coach because he can see the shit I’m failing on during the week and cater it to our private sessions.

Right now I’m stuck, but I need to work on my skills and just get better, stronger, faster every day.

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