I might not have gotten a PR yesterday, but Sara McEvoy did.  120#!  It was one of her 2012 goals.  Here’s a great post talking about her PR and the journey that led up to it.  Sara is one of the owners of Craic and her form is AMAZING for all the lifts.  

After a really frustrating week, this post really reminded me that things take time and I need to be more patient about getting PRs and lifts.  I need to take the time to work on my form, practice with the PVC pipe, reps with lower weights to perfect my form, Coach B warm-ups, watch videos (like above) of people doing snatches.  Really work on my drills and sessions with Jarrod.  

And check out her PR above.  Simply beautiful form.  So proud to be a member of Craic and have her as one of the owners…Total inspiration.

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