Testing, Day 4 – 10 Min AMRAP

Today’s test was a 10 minute AMRAP:

  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 10 burpees

Goal going in was to get through at least four rounds.  I scaled the pull-ups (obviously) and did kipping jumping pull-ups, per Jarrod’s suggestion.  Box jumps were standard 20” and burpees were well, burpees.

The time went quickly and I didn’t even hear the music that was playing throughout.  The burpees, as you might have guessed, were the worst part of the workout for me.  Box jumps were essentially no problem, although I did have to step up once or twice. The first time I stepped up is because my friend Leila fell doing one of the jumps and it freaked me out momentarily.  The second time I was just being lazy.

This workout was very tiring, and I’m just plain tired after a long time working out with no rest days.  I didn’t realize last week that this would be a testing week.  I collapsed to the ground when the AMRAP was finished for a solid 2 minutes.  Overall it felt good to be doing some more Metcon stuff, but I am really tired.

Tomorrow is 1RM clean and jerk.  I’m going to take my learnings from Sara’s post (that I posted about earlier today) and take tomorrow as it comes.  Really focus on form and not get disappointed if I don’t meet or exceed my 1RM PR.  I just PR’d on my clean last week, so I’m not expecting to crush it tomorrow.  And if I do, it will be a pleasant surprise.

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