Testing, Day 5 – Clean and Jerks

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went in to today’s testing day with a clear head. No temper tantrums for me today.  I had just PR’d my clean early this week so I didn’t have many expectations for Friday and was going to be happy just making it to 120# for my clean and jerk. (Which is my current personal best).  Today’s focus was really form.

I made the playlist for the workout today because our resident music playlist guy couldn’t make it today.  The group decided on boy bands…since the workout was clean and jerks!

I built up to work on my form, did a rep scheme similar to Monday’s rep scheme:

  • 75# x 5
  • 95# x 5
  • 105# x 3

And then I started going in increments of weight doing one rep.

  • 110#
  • 115#
  • 120#
  • 125#
  • 130#

If you’re following closely, I PR’d at 125# and then at 130#!  I was so happy about it because I wasn’t expecting it.  I just wanted to work on my form today and just went for it.  I did two attempts at 135#, but failed on the clean.  I ALMOST had the first attempt at the clean, but I was leaning way too far forward and dropped the weight.  

But I’ll take it.  I’m happy!  Here is some video proof!

Here’s the first PR at 125#

Here’s my PR at 130#!

Here’s me failing at 135#. See how far forward I am at the squat?

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