Garage Games Judge Accreditation

Today I went to Crossfit Providence to get accredited as a Judge for The Garage Games.  Which means I’m an official judge who, if they ever do start paying judges, can get paid.  The Garage Games are trying to create a standard where all judges go through this so they can make sure that the athletes and competitions are fair and balanced.  The instructors were Jesse Cook and Jeff Fincher from New London Crossfit.

We didn’t learn how to judge every movement, as standards vary from competition to competition.  There was a little bit of a “lecture” period and then we did some role playing which included: how to greet an athlete, how to prep to them on expectations prior to the workout, where to stand to judge properly, how to no-rep them, how to count for them, how to be consistent and confident.  

Part of the roleplaying was doing a WoD, while another participant judged.  My partner’s name was Heather and she works out at Crossfit Newton.  She was a very seasoned Crossfitter and just participated in the Firebreather Festival in the Rx division.  Her workout was: 21-15-9 Deadlifts, Pistols (alternating legs) and 50 double unders after each couplet.  The deadlifts were easy enough to count.  Pistols too.  The double unders are also pretty standard, but they are going so fast it’s hard to breathe while you’re counting their reps!  She dominated the workout.  I had to no rep her once on the pistols because she didn’t come up at full control before she dropped her other foot.  Her time was 7:12 and it was a good way to role play.

My WoD was also 21-15-9, but we did power cleans and alternating 1-arm dumb bell snatches.  I did 65# for the cleans and 20# for the snatches.  I am really tired from the week of testing and it was my 8th day in a row working out so I went with 65#.  It’s one of those situations where I knew I should have gone for 75# (which was the “Rx” weight for the WoD) after I was done.  But I was being a baby and went lighter than I should have.  Oh well.  I got no-repped on one of my cleans because I didn’t bring my elbows forward.  My final time was 6:02.

I love having the opportunity to participate in the competitions without having to compete.  I get stressed out enough before a WoD at Craic starts, I can’t imagine competing!  Maybe some day. In the meantime, I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to the Crossfit community and  I hope that more people volunteer to judge, these competitions wouldn’t happen without us.

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