Front squats and frustration

Today’s WoD on the board was 5×5 deadlifts and in between each set, max handstand pushups.

I didn’t feel comfortable doing deadlifts today right before I was going to get on a flight.  I’m still not doing the best form and usually after doing deadlifts my lower back and hamstrings usually end up hurting (from soreness, not from tweaking them).  This was something that I wanted to avoid before I leave for a cross country flight to Los Angeles on Thursday (where I will be working out with Crossfit LA Friday and Saturday morning!)  In addition, my wrist hasn’t been feeling all that great, so I decided to work on my kipping pull-ups with a band max effort.  So instead, I did the front squats 5×5.

I was tired this morning and did bad barbell bumper judgment and picked up the 25# bumpers instead of the 15# ones and put them on the bar for my “warm-up.”  Oops.  95# was a bit heavy.  I grabbed the 15# when I realized my mistake and did a warm-up set at 75#.  Jarrod came over, asked me what my 1RM was (145#), and said for the workout I should be doing 115#.  The goal was to be able to do all five in the set, but by the time you got to 4 or 5, it would be a struggle to get up. He had it spot on and 115# did exactly as it was supposed to.  I need to focus on a better rack position and also leaning back on my heels.

My kipping pull-ups on the band were a whole other story.  It all started when we did Friday Night Fran at the end of No Bread 3.  My friend Susie noticed that I was doing all dead-hang pull-ups instead of kipping and working the band.  It makes things infinitely more difficult.  Fran is coming up again as we move into No Bread 4 and I didn’t want to do dead-hang pull-ups again.  In addition, I DO NOT want to use the black band.  I worked hard to get away from it.  Currently, I can do 5 pull-ups unbroken dead-hang pull-ups on the green band.  I was feeling good after doing some of the gymnastics / kipping work with Jarrod these last few weeks.  But kipping with the band is an entirely different animal.  I couldn’t get into a rhythm and could only do 5-6 at a time. It was really frustrating because *technically* I should be able to do more kipping than dead hang.  I got frustrated every time I came off the bar.  Not sure what to say here other than I need to do more work / practice.   

Blah blah blah.

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