California Dreaming and My Nightmare WOD

Greetings!  I am back from a long weekend in sunny Los Angeles.  While I was there, I had the pleasure of working out at Crossfit LA.  It was the first Crossfit box ever in the greatest Los Angeles (and one of the first in the US).  If you’re ever staying on the west side in Los Angeles, I highly suggest you workout there.

I went on Friday morning and Sam Martin was coaching (he’s the one you can see on this page doing a handstand in a pink bunny suit).  As everyone started coming into the workout area, Sam told us to run the “big loop.”  I followed the crew out and ran with a girl named Stephanie who was brand new to Crossfit and coincidentally from Newton, MA.  I got to tell her about the 5000 Crossfit affliates that are in the Boston area.  She was excited to come back and visit.  Seems like the run would have been over by the time we finished talking about this, but it wasn’t.  The big loop was a BIG LOOP.  I was toast by the time the run was over and we hadn’t even started warming up yet.  After some mobility and some skill work (we did a Turkish get-up with dumb bells 3-3-3-3-3-3) we started the WOD which was an AMRAP 15 that consisted of the following:

Round 1:
1 KB Suitcase DL, right hand
1 KB Russian Clean, right hand
1 KB Push Press, right hand
1 KB Suitcase DL, left hand
1 KB Russian Clean, left hand
1 KB Push Press, left hand
Round 2 – 2 of each movement
Round 3 – 3 of each movement… 

I decided to do the Rx weight using the 35# KB.  The first three rounds were easy.  After that it got tricky.  The suitcase DL’s were fairly easy.  And the cleans were decent.  It’s when we got to the overhead movement when it got tricky as we got into the higher reps. I got reminded just how much weaker my left shoulder was from my right.  This was a tough workout, but overall, fantastic.  Final score: 8+18

After the workout, I was chatting with some of the members and quizzed them as to why all the workouts are usually posted the night before – but the weekend ones never are.  They told me that it’s usually Coach’s choice on the weekends and the majority of them were team workouts.  They did go on to say that Andy Petranek, the founder of CFLA, was going to be coaching on Saturday and he usually does some crazy workouts.

Got up the next morning and headed back to CFLA to do the “crazy” Saturday workout.  Andy told us to do the big loop again (I think we’ve established how much I hate running…so I was not happy) and then went on to say “On second thought…” (Yay, he’s going to have us to something different!!) “Grab a medicine ball and run the big loop with that.” (OH SHIT.)  The run was hard, but it was not without perspective.  I’m lighter than I was prior to starting Crossfit and it was a reminder that when you’re fatter, things are harder.  I slogged through and didn’t walk once.  Not surprisingly, I was the last one done with the run and got back just in time to start the warm up.  But I finished it. Then we went into the warm up, which consisted of dumb bell windmills, lateral plank raises, and then roll backs and donkey kicks.  I was toast by the end of the warm up!  Then I saw him writing on the board.  I couldn’t really make out what he was writing, but I saw a lot of high numbered reps and saw the word burpees.  As I got a closer look my stomach filled with dread:

  • 50 GHD situps
  • 40 burpees
  • 300 meter farmers carry
  • 20 pullups
  • 10 DB thrusters
  • 5 inch worms

And then rebound back up the ladder.  Do as much as you can in 27 minutes.  I opted to do regular sit-ups as I had never done the GHD before and didn’t want to tweak my lower back or something prior to me flying the next day.  That was the last of my problems. 40 burpees?  Fuck.  Farmer’s carry?  My forearms ached in anticipation.  Pull-ups, lovely.  It was basically a nightmare WOD for me and this was AFTER the run with the medicine ball.  3-2-1 go!  I kept a steady pace for the sit-ups and then into the burpees.  Andy told us to just pick a number of bang them out 5, 7, 10 … just pick it and do them unbroken.  Take a small break and start up again.  Then I did the Farmer’s carry.  I used two 15# DBs.  My forearms were killing me, but I managed to do the first 300 meter carry without dropping them.  I got back and started my pull-ups.  I used a green and blue band together and broke them up into 4 sets of 5. The thrusters were relatively east at 15#, but I’m glad that I didn’t go any heavier because when I rebounded back up the ladder, the farmer’s carry toasted my forearms.  They were burning and I had to put them down at least 4 times during the carry and stretch them out.  I ended up getting through the 2nd farmer’s carry and ran out of time to do the last burpees and situps.  I swear I didn’t time it that way on purpose… Final score: 27:00 minutes (2nd Farmer’s Carry).  I was wiped by the time all was said and done.  This was a hard workout, but felt good that I got as far as I did.

Tomorrow, the No Bread Challenge 4 starts with the lovely benchmark, Fran.  Yippee.

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