No Bread Challenge Day 2

It’s Day 2, I survived the first day.  Hardest part right now is the compulsion to want to snack.  I have to remember to take carrots or something with me to work so I can munch on them.

Today’s WoD:

4 rounds of:

1 min max power clean, rest two minutes, 1 min max dips, rest two minutes

I did 95# and bench dips.  Lifting is and I suspect always will be, a work in progress.  I wanted to go heavy today and 95# was the perfect weight for me to lift aggressively but not over do it.  If I did any less weight, I’d probably pull so hard that I would fall back.  As I was doing the clean part of the workout, Jarrod noticed that I was jumping up and back when lifting up past my knees.  The only time my feet *should* be leaving the ground is on the way down.

The dips were so hard.  Much like pull-ups, I can’t do bar dips or ring dips.  Another gymnastics element I have to work on.  

Breakdown of rounds:

  • 9 cleans, 19 bench dips = 28 
  • 9 cleans, 21 bench dips = 30
  • 9 cleans, 20 bench dips = 29 
  • 10 cleans, 24 bench dips = 34 

So some things I need to work on for my cleans: fast elbows, loosen grip at the top, and feet come up on the way down.  I have a feeling lots of drills are on their way to my sessions with Jarrod.

Food for the day:

  • Bacon, eggs
  • Salad from Coffee Corner (veggies, tuna salad, little bit of goat cheese)
  • 5 dark chocolate almonds
  • “Kitchen Sink” scramble – broccoli, eggs, hamburger, onions, bacon, ground flax seed
  • Chicken, cilantro, salsa, veggie chips
  • Handful of paleo crunch

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