No Bread Challenge Day 3

Third day of the challenge and it’s snatch Wednesdays.  If you’re following this blog, you’ll see a series of Testing WoDs I participated in a couple of weeks ago.  See below for a refresher.

So for the next month or so, every day’s workout is themed depending on what the tests were.  This morning’s WoD (for snatch Wednesdays) was for time:


Overhead Squats and Burpees

OHS are something that I really need to work on as part of my snatch training, so I was excited to do this workout.  I just failed to tell my brain that burpees were a part of it.  The Rx weight was 65# and I knew that was the weight that I *should* be doing, but the annals of my brain were telling me to go lighter because I wasn’t going to be able to crush the WoD from a time perspective.  After a short consultation with Jarrod, I decided to go Rx.  I also made a decision that I was going to try to do Rx weights for the rest of the No Bread challenge so long as (1) I could do the Rx weight and (2) I didn’t do shitty form.  As John says “Practice makes permanent.  Practice perfect makes perfect.”  

I made it through the first ten OHS unbroken.  I thought that this boded well for the rest of the WoD.  I was wrong.  The burpees, as suspected, killed me.  The next round (9) I broke the OHS into two sets, same for (8).  I definitely had to pace myself with the burpees the entire WOD.  I would say that (8), (7), (6), and (5) were the toughest to get through.  If I dropped the bar, it sucked because I would have to snatch it up again overhead.  65# gets heavy to snatch quick!  I started losing gas by the time I got to (4).  I got to (3) and dropped the bar after two reps.  Immensely frustrating.  I just did NOT want to snatch the bar again.  I was dead.  And then the magic of crossfit kicked in.  I was the last one to finish and the rest of the class and Jarrod came over to cheer me on and push me to the finish.  It was the best motivator.  I finished, finally: 13:48.  

I bought some awesome socks today.  They aren’t knee high – but will work with the capris that I will wear in the winter and fall 🙂


  • Bacon, eggs
  • Salad (veggies, goat cheese, chicken salad)
  • Handful of dark chocolate covered almonds
  • Smoothie (fruit, no dairy)
  • Kitchen Sink (see picture below – this time I added some cumin and garlic powder)
  • Paleo Crunch

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