Saturday Workout

No Bread Challenge – Day 6

Today’s workout was very straight forward:


  • Deadlifts
  • Sit-ups

The Rx weight was relatively light (105#) because this was a sprint workout.  My goal was to finish in under 5 minutes.  My deadlifts need some work – not for the sake of me lifting heavier, but for the sake of safety.  I still can’t do a perfect deadlift and my brain can’t seem to tell my body to do the right things.  Something I need to work on before we do Diane again.  I managed to do the entire workout “unbroken”and final time: 4:42

Food yesterday:

  • Bacon, eggs
  • Salad with grilled chicken, bit of roast beef
  • Second salad with chicken salad and a load of veggies
  • Scramble with hotdogs, cauliflower, broccoli, ground beef, eggs, bell peppers, onion
  • Chicken, avocado, salsa, veggie chips
  • Handful of dark chocolate covered almonds

Tonight I am going on my birthday dinner date with Niko to Craigie on Main. It’s my 35th birthday celebration and I’m going to eat whatever I feel like and not beat myself up over it.  This time around on the challenge for me is all about making LIFE changes.  So I’m going to use this challenge to challenge myself into changing the way I eat so that it will just come naturally after the 50 days is over.  Last time, I was super strict during the challenge, and when the 50 days was over, I felt deprived from the challenge and wasn’t on my best behavior after and slipped and cheated a couple of times.  This time when the 50 days is over, I just want to continue doing what I did in the 50 days of the challenge.  This means that when special occasions or top restaurant opportunities come around, I’m not going to worry about one meal.  But I will do my best to eat in the No Bread lifestyle in the normal course of my life.

Here’s a pic of last night’s scramble.  It was delicious!

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