Overcoming Fear

No Bread Challenge – Day 7

Today was a private session with Jarrod.  The goal was work on my snatch, especially the snatch drop – which is something that I’ve been frustrated with recently.  During the testing week and in the snatch drop work we did in class it was equally frustrating.  I need to get over my fear of getting under the bar.  

Today started out with a bang.  I got to the gym, wearing only my Tom’s and couldn’t find my OLY shoes in my bag.  Long story short, after jetting back home only to find my Crossfit sneakers and jetting back to Craic – I found them in a big pocket tucked in the back of my bag.  I know that this is confusing.  It’s confusing to me too.  They are large objects…and then we start the workout.

Jarrod told me that the workout was called “Fear”.  We started out doing the junkyard dogs exercise.  I accidentally kicked Jarrod in the ribs during one of the jump overs.  Then we did some sort of lilypad jump where I had to jump and land on the plates in a squat.  He told me that the junkyard dogs exercise was to help me cut through the fear of jumping and landing.  Then onto him ramping me up for the dreaded snatch drop.

We started with using the 45# bar and putting it on the back squat position.  I held the bar with my snatch grip and pressed the bar up 5x.  It’s hard to get the shoulders to engage!  Then he had me do this while I was in a squat position.  Much harder and required me keeping my core really tight.  After, we did snatch balances. The goal of those is to get the body to heave the bar up a little bit and then drop underneath.  It’s a dip, then drive.  Here’s Coach Burgener talking about them.  I like these a lot more than the snatch drop.  I think the bit of momentum pushing the bar up prior to dropping under it is a bit comforting.  I did 2 sets of 5 with 45# and had very little issues.  

Then it was onto the dreaded snatch drops.  For some reason (credit: junkyard dogs?) I was relatively calm going into doing them with 45#.  I think that the drills we did prior and in conjunction with doing the OHS/Burpee WOD earlier this week  gave me more confidence that I could hold the weight over my head and not drop it.  I did 2×5 of 45# snatch drops and I scored an A- on them.  Now we added some weight and I did 2×5 of 55#.  I handled those pretty well too.  Then we got to 65# and my directive was to do 2×3.  This is where I started to struggle.  A couple of them I dropped and then pressed the bar up.  But the good news is that I did them and didn’t stand there frozen in fear.

We used the last 15 minutes to do some hang snatches:

  • 3×55#
  • 3×65#
  • 1×70#
  • 1×75#
  • 1×80#
  • 1×85#

Here’s video of me doing one at 70# and then one at 85#.  The 85# is REALLY messy and you can hear me cackle at the end because I know how messy it was.  

Overall it was a great session.  Jarrod is an amazing coach and is really working hard to help me overcome this fear.   I’m looking forward to improving more and more.  I think that it’s great that I was able to do a hang snatch at 85#.  It gives me hope that I will be able to put up more weight in the near future.  As Jarrod proclaimed in one of our first sessions “My snatch will be magnificent!”

Yesterday’s Food:

  • Leftover scramble (see yesterday’s post)
  • Smoothie with mixed berries, vanilla SFH, unsweetened almond vanilla milk
  • Amazing egg salad with carrots, cilantro, truffle salt stuffed into bell peppers (see below)

And then we went to Craigie on Main for my birthday dinner.  It was AMAZING.  We did the tasting menu and had six courses of whatever they felt like bringing us.  Here are brief descriptors of what we ate, I’m not sure of all the ingredients.

  • 2 bread rolls (homemade deliciousness) with butter
  • Amuse-bouche of bluefin tuna salad thing
  • Sashimi with plums and vinaigrette
  • Poached sea trout that tasted like butter
  • Duck ragout pasta with mushrooms
  • Veal cooked two ways (grilled and sweatbreads)
  • Brussel sprouts fried in duck fat
  • Apple and celery sorbet
  • Little cheesecake and a peanut parfait (small portions)

Here’s Niko and I all dressed up for dinner on our date night.  Notice my awesome dress!

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