Deadlifts and Shoulder Press

No Bread Challenge – Day 9

Nothing super exciting to report about today’s workout.  It’s to help improve at Diane (October’s Diane Tuesdays):

5 rounds

  • Max effort deadlifts in :20, rest 1:40
  • Max effort shoulder press in :20, rest 1:40

I obviously modified the HSPU part and did 25# shoulder presses instead.  I was going to go with a lower weight as my left shoulder is bothering me, but opted to go with the higher weight.

Deadlifts I did at 125#.  Wanted to go “lighter” so that I could work on my form.  Form tends to fall apart when you’re doing faster / higher reps.  I have to make sure to keep pushing my chest forward and not bend my knees so early.  It’s hard for me to process doing this part of the move.  The shoulder presses got heavy after 8 reps.  I really had to push through the last couple of reps every round.  I really need to work on my shoulder strength.

  1. 10 DL / 10 SP
  2. 10 DL / 10 SP
  3. 10 DL / 11 SP
  4. 10 DL / 10 SP
  5. 11 DL / 10 SP
Final scores: 51 DL / 51 SP. Feeling “meh” about today’s workout.  

Food yesterday:

  • leftover pork rib meat, eggs
  • b.good west side double burger, cauliflower w/cheddar cheese
  • kitchen sink scramble
  • avocado and veggie chips
  • 3 paleo bacon chocolate raisin scones (scattered throughout the day)

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