Snatch Wednesdays

No Bread Challenge – Day 10

Yesterday on Craic’s private Facebook group wall, John posted, asking us what our biggest issue was with the snatch.  Overwhelmingly, the response was getting under the bar (and I’m sure you can guess that is what my response was too).  

Today’s workout was strikingly similar to the one that I did with Jarrod on Sunday (minus Junkyard dogs). We spent 10 minutes doing snatch balances (I like that initial dip drive before you drop!).  I started with 45# and my partner and I (Lauren – she’s new to Craic, but has been doing CF for awhile) and did 2×4 @45#.  The last two of each set I did snatch drops to push myself a bit more.  Then we did 2×4 @55#.  Same thing.  The snatch drops are feeling a little less scary (well, at least they were at 55#).

Then we did (or were supposed to do) 7×2 hang snatches, starting at a lower weight and do the last couple of sets at a higher working weight.  I started at 65# and once I was confident in my form, I moved to 75#.  75# was a mixed bag.  Some of them felt really good, I actually think I felt the bar start to float a bit.  Other times I pulled way too early and had to muscle up the bar and another time I fell backwards.  It was graceful!  I didn’t really stick to the 2-2-2-2 rep scheme.

Overall, feeling a tiny bit better about getting under the bar.  My left shoulder is bugging me right now, so I’ve got to keep an eye on that.

Food yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • two scoops chicken salad, veggies from salad bar
  • handful chocolate covered almonds
  • 2 scones (paleo friendly)
  • met bar double burger (no bread), avocado, egg, onions, sweet potato fries

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