Inadvertent Rest Day

No Bread Challenge – Day 11

Last night I went to a really informative running clinic at Charles River Running with the Craic running club.  It went pretty late (until 9:30PM) so I didn’t get home until about 9:45PM and still hadn’t had dinner!  I got home, ate dinner and waited until about 11:00PM to go to bed so that my food had time to settle.  When I got to bed, I couldn’t sleep.  Then the cats started acting up, then Niko had to get up at 1:30AM to do a work release that went until 6:00AM.  I didn’t really get a full sleep last night and couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning.  Even if I could have, my body wasn’t really in the mood to respond.  Excuses, excuses.  Bottom line, I couldn’t get there.  

The No Bread Challenge has been a little frustrating.  I’ve been eating pretty clean (other than the little treat I gave myself for my birthday dinner) and I haven’t lost any weight.  I know that we shouldn’t worry too much about the scale because we’re building muscle, blah blah blah – but truth is … I need to lose weight.  I’m heavier than I should be even if I was loaded with all muscle.  Perhaps I’m eating one too many chocolate covered almonds or paleo scones.  Anyway, it’s time to reset and see where the next 40 or so days takes me.  Other than my treats, food is fuel.  I need to remember that…

Food yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • handful dark chocolate covered almonds
  • leftover scramble, avocado, veggie chips (x2 – lunch and dinner)

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