Clean and Jerk Ladder

No Bread Challenge – Day 13

Today (Saturday) is a rest day.  Trying to stick with my “no more than 4 days in a row” regimin. Yesterday was clean and jerk Friday.  We had a special appearance from Coach Glen again and he worked with us on the split jerk.  I need to work on splitting my legs wider for more stability on the jerk.  After we did a 10 minute ladder:

In ten minutes, 1 clean and jerk, 1 pull-up, 2 clean and jerks, 2 pull-ups, and so forth.  See how high you can get in 10 minutes.  

I did the Rx weight for the workout 95# and chose to do jumping pull-ups.  I knew the first couple of rounds were going to be relatively easy and once I got to 4+ that was going to be hard.   My arms and shoulders were tired from the workout I did the night before.  (Doing those back to back workouts – night / morning are proving tough to me!)  I was pretty happy with my final score: 7 even.

Food yesterday:

  • bacon, eggs
  • two scoops chicken salad, veggies
  • hamburger patty
  • handful dark chocolate covered almonds
  • coconut chips
  • steak, balsamic, parmesan cheese, romaine salad
  • sweet potato battered onion rings

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