Open Gym

No Bread Challenge – Day 14

Today was open gym and Jarrod was away so I made up a workout on my own.  

My left shoulder is still bothering me, but I wanted to work on my snatch skills none the less.  I ended up doing the following:

  • 45# 3×5 snatch balance
  • 45# 3×5 snatch drop
  • 55# 2×5 snatch balance
  • 55# 2×5 snatch drop
  • 65# 5 snatch balance
  • 65# 5 snatch drops (which didn’t happen – my shoulder kind of wouldn’t work)
I’m getting more comfortable at doing the drops and balances up to 55#.  Once I get higher than that, not so much.  Today was a combination of being uncomfortable with 65# and my shoulder was not feeling stable or healthy. If we do overhead squats tomorrow, I might forgo them and do something else.

I ended the workout doing some clean drills, working on driving my elbows forward and loosening my death grip at the top of the clean:

  • 75# 2×5 power cleans
  • 75# 2×5 squat cleans

Overall, everything felt pretty good.  I’m also working on staying on my heels for as long as possible, not bending my arms pre-maturely and staying as close to the body as possible.  75# is heavy enough for me to not pull up too much, but also correct as I’m doing the movement.

Food yesterday (not a perfect day):

  • Leftover scramble
  • Egg salad (with carrots and cilantro) stuffed in bell peppers
  • Handful of veggie chips
  • Some dark chocolate almonds
  • Mexican food – beef, bacon, veggies
  • Mexican black beans
  • Mexican red rice (just about 1/2 cup)
  • Handful tortilla chips

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