Front Squats

No Bread Challenge – Day 15

I think it’s been a few weeks since I went and worked out on a Monday, but it’s front squat Monday.  Nothing too exciting to report.  Workout was 5×3 Front Squats.  The most brutal part of the workout was the warm-up which was a 10 minute AMRAP with a partner.  One rowed 250 meters while the other did burpees.  Then switch.  It sucked.  God, I hate burpees.

I worked up to 130# for my workout weight.  They felt pretty good. The first set at 130# didn’t feel great, but I switched my grip from two fingers to three fingers and for some reason that made all the different.  I worked up the following way: 95# x 3, 105# x 3, 115# x 3, 125# x 3 and then to 130#.

Food Yesterday

  • paleo crunch with unsweetened vanilla almond millk
  • egg salad leftovers, veggie chips, roast beef
  • chicken, avocado, veggie chips, salsa
  • scramble with hamburger, onion, mushroom
  • dark chocolate covered almonds
  • coconut chips

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