Diane Tuesdays

Today we did a broken Diane:

  • 21 deadlifts, 21 HSPU
  • Rest Two Minutes
  • 15 deadlifts, 21 HSPU
  • Rest One Minute
  • 9 deadlifts, 9 HSPU

I did the same weight as I did during testing week (125#).  Form is still shitty on the deadlift.  Instead of feet on a box / mat HSPU modification, I did 20# dumb bell shoulder presses.  Final score was calculated with total time minus the three minutes rest.

The deadlifts were relatively “light” for me and other than a small grip issue, I managed to do them unbroken.  Once I get my form right, I’ll start doing heavier weight.  The shoulder presses were a small challenge.  I could breeze through about 8-9 with no problem and then needed to rest.  John suggested that I go a heavier weight.  The 21’s, I did in 1:48, 15s 1:02, 9s :31 (approximately).  I can’t quite remember my final time – I think it was 6:21 (minus three minutes) it was 3:21.

John McEvoy was coaching it this morning.  He’s one of the co-owners for Craic and the head coach.  I think that they wanted to give Jarrod a break from the mornings.  After looking at my time, he suggested that I go up in weight on the shoulder presses next time I do Diane.

In cool lifting nerdism, check out John’s snatch session with Coach Burgener at his ranch in California.  So jealous!  His form was so incredible in his final lift than it was at the lighter weight in the front of the video.  Here’s his blog post about his time there this past weekend.

Check out the video here:

Food yesterday:

I need to start cutting out more shit because I feel like I am gaining weight, not losing.  ARGH.  This challenge is all about experimenting with my eating habits to set me up for a long term healthier lifestyle.  

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